All About Tilda

Cosy, fun, feminine and slightly naive – these are just a few words that describe the world of Tilda. If Tilda existed in real life, she would be a whimsical and romantic person who lives life for the moment and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She follows interior trends, but it’s more important to her to have her own unique style. Here you will find a complete presentation of the different Tilda ranges – enjoy and be inspired!

The need to be creative has always been there for the creator of Tilda, Tone Finnanger – ever since her childhood in Oslo, Norway. The Tilda concept was born in 1999 starting with two book projects. Shortly after, the first Tilda collection was produced. The first Tilda book was a success and Tone decided to work with the Tilda concept full time. Tilda is now a well known and loved brand among crafters throughout the world.