Tilda Bird Pond Label

Bird Pond

The Bird Pond Collection is inspired by the image of life by a beautiful duck pond and takes you through the colours of the autumn and winter seasons, with rich purples, blues, pinks and oranges. With a lovely organic feel,

Tilda Sunkiss


The Tilda Sunkiss collection is inspired by bright turquoise water, beautiful flowers, colourful corals and anemones waving with the current as you break through the water’s surface. The rich and warm colours are a perfect contrast to sunkissed summer skin

Tilda LemonTree


Imagine the feeling of sitting under a lemon tree somewhere warm and beautiful. The Tilda LemonTree Collection was inspired by this image and the longing that come with it. The use of bright and bold colours and floral and dainty

Welcome to I Love Tilda

A beautiful Tilda inspired community for everything Tilda, from one lover of Tilda books and designs to another. Step into Tilda’s world where you can see the newest Tilda collections and designs, as well as other Tilda lovers’ pretty projects inspired by Tone Finnanger’s very own favourite things. It is obvious in all of the Tilda designs that Tone Finnanger has so much passion for her work, and this site is dedicated to her passion. I hope you enjoy. -x-


Tilda Shop

Welcome to the beautiful world of Tilda! Be inspired by stunning Tilda fabrics as well as Tilda accessories, books, kits and more. Simply click the links below and you will enter this beautiful shopping world of Tilda. ilovetilda.com has partnered with SewandSo.co.uk

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Tilda Community

Tilda Community

Welcome to the Tilda Community! The I Love Tilda Community is a place to share ideas and techniques for Tilda crafts, and to meet fellow Tilda lovers. If you love Tilda, then join us! Please join our inspirational community on

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