Tilda Circus


Inspired by a fun trip to the circus, Tilda Circus is a wonderful collection of elephants, bright colours and beautiful floral patterns, The combination of reds, greens and blues creates stunning and unique sewing and quilting designs. Choose from 20


Inspired by a sunny summer’s day, watching the bees buzz around the flowers, the Tilda Bumblebee range is a wonderful collection of florals, pegodas and, of course, bumblebees hidden away in the patterns. Tilda Bumblebee is awash with fresh colours:

Cabbage Rose

Tilda’s Limited Edition Cabbage Rose is a playful series inspired by colourful characters like 1950s comedian Lucille Ball and Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking. Designs with rabbits and flowers in soft orange, blue-green, red and pink give the series a sweet

Welcome to I Love Tilda

A beautiful Tilda inspired community for inspiration for everything Tilda from one lover of Tilda books and designs to another. Step into Tilda's world where you can see the newest Tilda collections and designs and other tilda lovers pretty projects inspired by Tone Finnanger's very own favourite things. It is obvious in all of the Tilda designs that Tone Finnanger has so much passion for her work, and this site is dedicated to her passion. I hope you enjoy. -x-

Tilda Shop

Welcome to the beautiful world of Tilda! Be inspired by stunning Tilda fabrics as well as Tilda embellishments, papers, books,  accessories, kits and more. Simply click the links below and you will enter this beautiful shopping world of Tilda. ilovetilda.com uses

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The Tilda Craft Community

The Tilda Craft Community

Welcome to The Tilda Craft Community The inspirational Tilda Craft Community helps one another to achieve craft excellence by the sharing of ideas & techniques and showcasing their work. Please join our inspirational community on Facebook and Twitter, and share

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